Birdwatching – an important tourist allure in Jayapura District

Birdwatching is a kind of outdoor act that canentice tourists, particularlythose from abroad.

The Tourism and Culture Service of Jayapura District, Papua, opined that birdwatching or witnessing the Cenderawasih bird is a vital environmental-based excursion that is sought afterby tourists from abroad.

Ted Mokay,the chief of Jayapura Tourism and Culture Service said that their tourist allure is birdwatchingIsyo Hills in RephangMuaif Village, Nimbokrang Sub-district.

Birdwatching in the wild can be relished with the naked eyes, utilizing tools like telescopes or binoculars, or justpaying attention to the hums of birds.

Animportant tourist objective in this area is tourism based on environment, since it offers attractive and varied natural prospects.

There are more foreign tourists in birdwatchingIsyo Hills, and it has never remainedunfilledwithout any visitors.

Hence, for supporting this activity, the Jayapura Tourism Service has aidedbacking infrastructure, like the Cenderawasih bird watching tower and accommodation.

BirdwatchingIsyo Hills has a forest with amazing biodiversity. This area is home to at least six types of Cenderawasih birds.

The Indonesia World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the Papua areasaid that birdwatchingIsyo Hills in RhepangMuaif village is comprised in the Indigenous and Community Conserved Area (ICCA).

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