Billions of WhatsApp users must follow three step ‘safety check’ – it’s reckless to ignore it

DON’T make simple WhatsApp mistakes that could cost you dearly.

WhatsApp has a three-step safety checklist that all two billion users should follow.


Follow the WhatsApp safety checklist today[/caption]

The Meta-owned chat app is wildly popular – so WhatsApp users are a prime target for crooks.

That’s why WhatsApp offers three important tips that you should never ignore.

Never share your code

This is one of the most important pieces of WhatsApp advice you can follow.

Your WhatsApp SMS verification code is what lets you into your account.

But scammers will often try to trick you into sending your app code to them.

They might pose as a friend or family member (who may have been hacked themselves), or tell you that they accidentally sent their own code to you.

There is never a good reason to send your code to someone else, so just don’t.

“You should never share your WhatsApp SMS verification code with others, not even friends or family,” WhatsApp warns.

Turn on two-step verification

You should also make sure you have two-step verification turned on.

This gives you an extra layer of security that can help keep you safe.

Simply go to Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification.

From there, you’ll be able to create a custom PIN that could block hackers from gaining access to your WhatsApp account.

Protect your data

The third step to staying safe on WhatsApp is to keep your data locked down.

For instance, you can limit your account so that only your contacts can see your profile photo.

Just go into Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo and choose ‘My Contacts’.

WhatsApp also says you must be wary of people asking you for money.

Even if it appears to be someone that you know, they may have been hacked – and you’re actually being scammed by a crook.

“Always call your contact to confirm their identity before making any money transfer,” WhatsApp warns.

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