Van's amazing 180 degree highway spin caught on camera

Fox News Auto 2 months ago

This video captures the remarkable escape of a driver who hit a truck and spun 180 degrees on a motorway.

The reckless motorist was caught on dashcam as he undertook the truck and clipped the back end of his vehicle as he passed.

It sent the small white van into a spin which left is stationary in the outside lane and facing the on-coming traffic.

Luckily the car behind - which captured the footage - managed to stop in time and no one was injured.

The incident occurred in Valsad, Gujarat, India, on July 9 and the driver was later identified as Rohit Patel, a resident of Wagaldhara.

A shaken Patel got down the car and spoke to other drivers, who also halted after seeing his miraculous escape.

Patel told reporters: “I lost control after my vehicle grazed against the truck while overtaking it. I survived by god’s grace.”


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