Apprentice Star Thomas Skinner To Provide Announcements For The Elizabeth Line This Week

If you have had access to a phone over the last six months, then chances are you’ve seen the jolly man that is Thomas Skinner on your feeds.

He may have risen to fame on The Apprentice but the former market trader from Romford garnered a following over the cold winter months for eating giant dinners for breakfast before the sun came up – lasagne, Sunday roasts, all that normal 6am grub. He posted a motivational video using his catchphrase “BOSH” to accompany each dish, and is now something of a household name.

Thomas Skinner in the hotseat of the Elizabeth line this week
Technical difficulties have now been boshed (Image: Kieran Cleeves/PA Wire)

It’s now possible to get a direct train from Essex and east London to Heathrow as the Elizabeth line enters its final opening phase, and, obviously, there was only one man fit for marking such a moment.

Thomas Skinner ventured out of his beloved Dino’s Cafe and into the hot seat of the Elizabeth line, and you’ll be able to hear him on voiceover duties this week. Should you be rolling through Brentwood and Stratford before May 28, remove those AirPods and listen to the upbeat tannoy announcements he recorded during his ride on the line.

It celebrates the launch of the direct, 80-minute route between Shenfield and Heathrow Airport. Travellers from Essex and east London previously were required to change at the central section of the line.

Will these announcements from the spreader of positivity deliver as much joy as being told you can go and smash it alongside a video of Skinner tucking into a steaming Shepherd’s Pie at 6am? Hard to say, so you’ll have to hear it to decide for yourselves.

Thomas Skinner standing at Shenfield Station
Kieran Cleeves/PA Wire.

Speaking about his ride on the Elizabeth line, Thomas Skinner said: “I absolutely loved joining the driver in the cab on the train to Heathrow – it’s fantastic news you can now get there directly, with no need to change trains. I love going on holiday and now it’s easier and quicker to get down to Heathrow and start your trip off with a lovely drink in the airport bar. Bosh!”

King of The Apprentice, king of the big dinners, and now king of trains. Anything this man can’t do? All aboard the Elizabeth line Skinner Shuttle. Whatever you’re doing today, go and smash it, mind the gap, a-bosh.

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