Apple’s EarPods Are Down to Just $18 on Amazon

Apple's EarPods Are Down to Just $18 on Amazon
Apple's EarPods Are Down to Just $18 on Amazon

Make no mistake; wired earbuds and wired headphones are having a moment. You might see folks young and old alike rocking them on city streets or on the train, but they’re also a bonafide TikTok trend.

Leading the pack, and bringing back the nostalgia for Apple’s classic iPod commercials, are EarPods. No, that’s not a typo; we’re talking about EarPods—one of Apple’s  (AAPL) – Get Free Report longest-running products and the iconic wired earbuds.

They’re an even better value than usual, as Amazon cut the price to just $17.97 from $30. And no, you won’t need to worry about recharging them.

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Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector ($17.97, originally $30 at Amazon)


As you might recall, Apple’s EarPods come in one color and that is white. They’re made from plastic, electrical components, and even some rubber to wrap around the cord. Best of all, there is no carrying case to worry about or the fear of running out of juice.

Since these are wired, they’ll plug right into your iPhone or iPad via a Lightning connector. Apple also makes a pair with a traditional headphone jack that are currently discounted to $16.99 from $30. Either way, you’ll get a zero latency experience and they won’t drain your device’s battery. No more fussing around with a Bluetooth connection either.

The best feature though is one that any one who records audio or likes to dictate messages will appreciate. EarPods feature an in-line microphone that truly records excellent audio and delivers less mistakes with dictation—at least in my experience. You also get in-line controls for volume up or down as well as controlling playback. If you want to try out a career in ASMR, these will get the job done.

Similar to Apple’s AirPods, these have a unique molded design for the left and right earbuds that aim to fit as many people’s ears as possible. It should be comfortable, cozy, and also let you hear the outside world.

Whether you want to go down the nostalgia train or just need a pair of reliable earbuds that are always at the ready, it’s a good time to invest. Amazon has EarPods with a Lightning connector for $17.97 and EarPods with a Headphone Jack for just $16.99.

If you’re after wireless earbuds, Amazon’s got three deals for you as well since AirPods second-generation, AirPods third-generation, and AirPods Pro second-generation are all on-sale.

Our pick would be the second-generation AirPods Pro since they stretch the battery life long, offer class-leading listening modes for active noise cancellation and transparency, and deliver a robust listening experience. Amazon marked them back down to the lowest price at $199.99 from $249.

Not a fan of noise-cancellation or would rather be able to hear the world around? AirPods third-generation boast a more comfortable build over the second-generation as they simply nestle in your ear. The third-generation offer seriously long playback and support Spatial Audio with head tracking with songs from Apple Music as well. AirPods third-generation are on-sale for $159 from $169.

Last, but not least, the original design for AirPods lives on in the second-generation and are the most affordable at just $99 on  (AMZN) – Get Free Report. That’s nearly a $30 savings from the $129 MSRP and these still offer solid playback and quick sync with your Apple devices.

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