Android and iPhone owners warned over bank-raiding phone call that empties your account in seconds

BRITS are being warned over dangerous phone calls that steal your money.

Ofcom has revealed the warning signs that your smartphone is being targeted by a scam call.


The scams were revealed in an official security memo on the Ofcom website[/caption]

These sinister phone calls can strike at any time – even on popular handsets like an iPhone or Android.

According to the UK consumer watchdog, there are two types of scam calls that you need to look out for.

“The first is a call from an agent in a call centre,” Ofcom explained.

“They tell recipients there is an outstanding bill or payment related to their phone or broadband service, and that their service will be disconnected unless the payment is made.

“The recipient is then encouraged to hand over their bank details in order to resolve the issue.”

It’s a simple con that steals your bank details.

Ofcom said that it would never ask for this kind of information.

So if you receive a call claiming to be from Ofcom that requests your bank details, don’t give out any information.

Otherwise you could find yourself with an empty bank account.

Ofcom said there is another version of this scam that is equally sinister.

“The second type of call is automated, and can also be left as a voicemail message,” Ofcom warned.

“In both cases, the recipient is told there is a problem with their phone or broadband service, and is encouraged to call back so they can discuss the issue further.

“However, this results in the recipient being connected to a high-cost premium number, leaving them liable to pay a high cost for the length of the call.”

Ofcom warned phone owners that it would never leave a voicemail like this.

It said that these calls are designed to generate quick cash for crooks – at your expense.

Be warned: these scams could use a host of different brand names – and not just Ofcom.

The watchdog warned that similar scam calls have claimed to be from HMRC, Royal Mail, BT and other high-street banks.

If you get a call like this, don’t have over any details or press buttons.

Simply hang up and report the calls to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040.

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