Ancient pendant shaped like Thor’s hammer linked to Britain’s Viking invaders

A PENDANT shaped like Norse god Thor’s hammer and unearthed in Norfolk has been linked to Britain’s first Viking invaders.

The artefact was made mostly from silver in the ninth or tenth century.

This ancient Norse silver pendant was declared treasure by a coroner after being discovered in Norfolk
P47GAK Original Film Title: THOR: THE DARK WORLD. English Title: THOR: THE DARK WORLD. Film Director: ALAN TAYLOR. Year: 2013. Stars: CHRIS HEMSWORTH. Credit: MARVEL STUDIOS / Album
The pendant is similar in style to Marvel character Thor’s hammer

But its shape means experts believe it was linked to the Viking Great Army, which invaded in 865.

Gareth Williams, a curator at the British Museum, told a ­treasure trove inquest: “The presence of Thor’s hammers are largely found at sites associated with the ­movements of the Great Army. There is nothing to suggest this isn’t genuine and of the time.”

The artefact was found at an undisclosed location in the county in 2016.

Thor, the god of war and fertility, was revered for his strength and trustworthiness.

He was said to wield a great hammer, Mjölnir, which was a popular symbol for Vikings who began raiding and plundering England in 787.

Usually, they were paid to return but the 3,000-strong Great Army, also known as the Great Heathen Army, came to conquer England.

It tore through the country and in 869 executed Edmund, King of East Anglia.

The pendant was declared treasure by coroner Yvonne Blake.

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