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Amazon worker wins lottery twice in two months

Amazon worker wins lottery twice in two months
Amazon worker wins lottery twice in two months
Amazon worker wins lottery twice in two months

Man wins lottery twice in two months
An incredible prize for one lucky man (Picture: Getty Images)

Many of us dream about winning huge amounts of life-changing money playing the lottery.

For one player in Baltimore, Maryland, that wish came true twice in a row.

The Amazon employee – who has not been named – has won $50,000 (£41,500) lottery prize from a $5 scratch card.

It is his second big win in as many months after bagging $30,000 (£25,000) from a similar card in January.

He won this month’s prize after buying a scratch card at a liquor store while out running errands, Maryland Lottery said in a statement.

The store where he bought the winning card, Mitt’s Rosedale Liquors in Rosewood, east of Baltimore, will receive a $500 bonus, it added.

The man said: ‘I’m looking at the ticket, like, “This can’t be right.”

‘I called my girlfriend in to take a look. I said to her, “Tell me I’m not crazy.” She just looked at me and said, “Unbelievable!’”

The man hinted he might treat his 60-year-old girlfriend to a holiday abroad to celebrate her birthday and might buy a new car.

The $50,000 prize was the highest possible win for the $5 scratch card he bought.

The game – Crazy 8s – awards most players with cash prizes between $5 and $1,000, so this guy is pretty lucky.

To top things off, he also won on two other scratch cards he bought at the same time, pocketing $20 on a $1 card, and recouping the cost of a separate $5 card.

While multiple lottery wins are rare they are not unheard of.

raymond roberts
Raymond Roberts followed his intuition to win the lottery six times (Picture: Massachusetts State Lottery)

A man in Massachusetts won the lottery six times because he ‘followed his intuition.’

Raymond Roberts, from Fall River, Massachusetts, has been playing the lottery for 20 years. Each of his tickets was worth £324,000 as a cash prize.

The winning numbers Raymond chose were a combination of birthday and anniversary dates

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