Air France & KLM Flying Blue Award Calendar

Air France & KLM Flying Blue Award Calendar

There is a question popping up every time we cover Air France & KLM’s monthly promo awards and when I include their award calendar that shows the pricing for a month at a time.

It is confusing to pull this up on Air France’s or KLM’s websites (they are essentially the same with different airline branding), as demonstrated below.

You can access Air France here and KLM here.

You use the standard flight search for awards but must choose the “Book with Miles Tab” and your origin and destination.

The form automatically chooses a random date for you.

You must click the X to clear the date field and then search.


You are then presented with the Award Calendar that shows the pricing between your origin and destination for an entire month. You can toggle between the months to see the availability easily through the end of the schedule.

The lowest-priced flight(s) may appear anywhere on the results page. You usually need to scroll down to see the flights with the best pricing.


There are often issues with subsequent searches on Air France’s or KLM’s websites, so you may have to use an incognito window.

Not sure why they make it unclear for Flying Blue members how to pull up this award calendar. I first encountered this functionality when I left the date field empty.

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