Accor “ALL SIGNATURE” Subscription 15% Off Through November 30, 2023 (Buy ALL Points At 29% Off + Earn Elite Points)

Accor “ALL SIGNATURE” Subscription 15% Off Through November 30, 2023 (Buy ALL Points At 29% Off + Earn Elite Points)

Accor loves various subscription card products (it currently has five ), and they launched an ALL SIGNATURE originally only for members in Brazil back in 2022 (read more here and here), but that is now open for all (no longer CPF required).

ALL SIGNATURE comes with a monthly bonus (5,000) and elite (1,000) qualifying points, with some additional bonus points every 4 months.

You can access ALL SIGNATURE here.

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Accor has FIVE paid membership programs:

  • Accor Plus – Asia Pacific (read more here)
  • ALL Signature – Brazil
  • Ennismore Dis-loyalty – only Ennismore properties (read more here)
  • ALL PLUS Voyager / ALL PLUS ibis – worldwide (read more here)
  • ALL PLUS China – Mainland China

ALL Signature Benefits Matrix:

There are two main benefits of ALL Signature Absolute:

1. Bonus ALL Points

You receive 5,000 ALL points per month + an additional 5,000 bonus points every 4 months for 75,000 ALL points in 12 months.

75,000 ALL points are worth 1,500 euros towards Accor hotel stays (and you can transfer them to some partners that is generally NOT worth it).

The non-discounted price of ALL SIGNATURE is 6,720 BRL ($1,371) but 5,712 BRL ($1,167) during the current sale. The discounted dollar price is 1,065 euros compared to the point value of 1,500 euros you earn over the 12 months, representing a discount of 29%.

2. Status Points

ALL Signature comes with 1,000 status points per month for a total of 12,000 status points per year. It does not come with bonus nights like Accor’s ALL PLUS cards in Europe (Voyageur and IBIS) or Accor Plus in Asia-Pacific.

Bonus Benefit

+ There is an additional benefit not mentioned in the matrix above. ALL SIGNATURE members seem eligible for higher bonus points on some of Accor ALL’s promotions for stays in Brazil, Latin, and North America, like the current Black Friday sale (4X points).

Accor ALL Status Requirements:

You will be very close to qualifying for Platinum status based on the monthly status points earned from ALL SIGNATURE (you need less than 1,000 euros), and you can reach Diamond by spending 5,600 euros (at brands that award full points).


ALL SIGNATURE is running a signup promotion through the end of the month, so I decided to buy the ABSOLUTE package.

The regular ALL SIGNATURE signup costs 6,720 BRL.

There is a coupon discount of 15% through the end of November.

That brings the price down to 5,712 BRL.

I decided to buy this package.

And the purchase went through.

It was also confirmed.

The first batch of 5,000 monthly ALL points was instantaneously deposited to my account.

As did the status points.

The ALL SIGNATURE sits in my account in the paid memberships section.

The subscription service posts as “lodging,” which may affect what card you should pay for the purchase.


I don’t see any downside to buying this ALL SIGNATURE at 29% off the total points earned over the year. Plus, I might qualify for Diamond status with the status points boost next year (essentially, by spending 5,600 euros at Accor hotels in 2024 before taxes).

As I am in the Americas several times a year and probably spend a few months here, the possible bonus points on top of other offers are just icing on the cake.

I am glad that Accor removed the CPF (an identity number for Brazilians and those living in the country) requirement for signing up. Although you could have obtained it with some work, it was not worth the hassle purely for this Accor product.

The signup worked surprisingly well, and the bonus and status points were posted without delay, unlike the ALL PLUS Voyageur purchase earlier this year.

You should be able to combine ALL SIGNATURE with Accor’s other subscription cards.

Have you signed up for this ALL SIGNATURE before, and what have been your experiences with it? Please comment below.

Terms and Conditions of this signup offer (Google translate from Portuguese):

2- Novos Assinantes

This offer is only valid for new assignments on any ALL Signature plan on 11/06/2023 at 11:59 p.m. on 11/30/2023 – Brasilia time (UTC/GMT -03:00).

Confer 50% discount for all plans without monthly or quarterly payment and 15% discounts for all plans without annual payment through two discount coupons:

Monthly and Quarterly with 50%OFF use “BFALLSIG23”

Annual with 15%OFF use “BFALLSIG15”

This offer is limited and the number of coupons available is limited.

  • After the month/promotional period, the value of the ALL Signature assignment will be automatically charged.
  • Offer limited to 1 use per assignment.


Download (PDF, 678KB)

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