A Mysterious Cocktail Adventure Is Coming To London

A Mysterious Cocktail Adventure Is Coming To London

Picture this. You step through a laboratory door into a brand-new, flora-filled world, ducking below the low hanging leaves and venturing through thick vegetation. You discover a colour-changing antidote that’ll help you acclimatise, but what will you choose to do with it: protect it, or sell it for financial gain? This may sound like an upcoming sci-fi film, but it’s not: this is the Avora Cocktail Adventure, a brand-new, theatrical cocktail experience from the producers behind ‘Alcotraz’, coming to Hackney this November.

If you’re after a few drinks and a whole lot of adventure, a trip to Avora is the cocktail experience for you. Live actors and impressive set design will bring the world of Avora to life at Hackney’s Rosewood Building, where you’ll discover – and drink – three magical cocktails embedded within the world’s ecosystem. The immersive experience touches on deeper themes reflecting earth’s climate crisis, all the while enabling you to embark on an adventure.

a person holding a cocktail at the Avora cocktail experience

What is the story behind the Avora Cocktail Adventure?

As the story goes, you’ll visit the Roscorp laboratories anForage for cocktails and discover a mysterious new world at Avora, a one-of-a-kind, theatrical cocktail experience.d, following a briefing from the CEO, you’ll head into the world of Avora to find and bring back the antidotes aka cocktails – donning a custom, explorer-style jumpsuit, no less. Aided by live actors and your fellow guests, you’ll venture through the lush ecosystem, between magical buds, secret elixirs, and the giant ‘Tree of Spirits’, discovering ingredients that transform into three different cocktails. However, the choice is yours: will you continue on your mission set by the billionaire CEO, or join the underground resistance against Roscorp in order to save Avora from human destruction?

As noted earlier, the Avora Cocktail Adventure touches on very current themes surrounding the climate crisis; the whole experience boasts some pretty impressive eco-credentials too. The team behind the experience, Avora and Inventive Productions, have partnered with UK environmental organisation, Ecologi, and will be planting a tree for every Avora experience ticket sold. In addition, they are working with Coca-Cola Enterprise and Sustainable Restaurant Group with the aim of Avora being the world’s first carbon neutral immersive experience.

a render of a person entering the Avora cocktail experience through a laboratory

You may be familiar with some of Inventive Productions’ other experiences, which include the Wild West-inspired Moonshine Saloon, and the famed prison cocktail experience, Alcotraz, with locations in London, Manchester, Brighton and Liverpool. Based on this impressive wrap sheet, you know you’ll be in good hands here.

While the experience takes you from day to night in Avora’s world (thanks to their unique solar cycle), in Earth time, the experience is open Wednesday to Sunday, with various afternoon and evening slots available. The whole experience lasts one hour and 45 minutes.

Avora: A New World Cocktail Experience – Waitlist

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