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A 3-Bedroom Flat In St Pancras Station Is On Sale For Almost £10 Million

For every joke about London property prices being absurd (‘you could buy a castle in the North for that amount!’) there exists a flat that only further demonstrates the point. And the latest doozy of an example comes in form of a flat in St Pancras Station that could be yours for the ever-so-reasonable price of just under ten million Great British Pounds. I guess payday did just swing around, after all. But this isn’t the type of payday splurge I’m used to.

The main penthouse at St Pancras Chambers is up for grabs, with a 111-year leasehold in tow, for just  £9,950,000. Yup, a handful (or two) of millions and you could own the top floor property in “the most revered gothic building in the world”. Spread across three floors and almost 6000 square feet, it’s all very lush and opulent and ornate. (But also… £10 million…)

the dining area of a very expensive st pancras flat, with exposed beams overhead
Credit: Zoopla, London House

Inside the St Pancras flat

The top floor of the three-floor-apartment is entirely taken up by the combination sitting/dining/entertaining room. It’s described in the listing as “one of the most dramatic and unique private entertaining spaces in London.” And it sure is something.

the living area of a very expensive st pancras flat, with ornate couches around a glass table
Credit: Zoopla, London House

The room can be divided up into portioned off areas for gaming, dining, TV watching, or entertaining. There’s also a pretty sizeable bar where no doubt many a martini has been stirred, and many a G&T has been sipped.

a long concrete bar in an apartment, with a selection of liquors and glasses behind it
Credit: Zoopla, London House

And while we’re up on the top floor, we should mention that the view is (of course) absolutely one-of-a-kind.

the view over king's cross from the balcony of an apartment above st pancras station
Credit: Zoopla, London House

The bottom floor of the penthouse apartment is where you’ll find the property’s three bedrooms – one of which boasts a study and two dressing rooms with individual bathrooms.

a carpeted bedroom with very ornate, old-fashioned, furnishings
Credit: Zoopla, London House

Upstairs from there you’ll find storage space, the kitchen, more bathrooms, and ‘staff accommodation’ that looks to be smaller than many of the main bathrooms. Now, while we’re on this floor, can I just take a second to talk about the kitchen?

Look, I’m not sure what I was expecting from the kitchen. Nor am I sure what the standard for a £10million penthouse apartment kitchen is. But is it not, perhaps, maybe, just a bit basic? Copy-and-paste that kitchen photo into the listing for almost any new-build apartment in and around London and it wouldn’t look out of place!

a basic-looking kitchen with plain grey cupboards and white countertops

Maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye from the one picture. Or maybe it’s just that someone who can afford to own a property like this one, is probably eating out every night. There is a Five Guys just around the corner, too, if they’re after some cheap eats.

The rest of the features

As for the rest of the property’s features – the apartment benefits from 24-hour security, and access to two parking spaces. Are any of the parking spaces next to the iconic St Pancras pink McLaren?

The building also houses a private member’s club, and a gym and spa. Do you reckon there’s an extra charge for those? Or would they be included with the property?

the exterior of st pancras station
Credit: Zoopla, London House

Whoever purchases the property will also be responsible for the service charge: a mere £60k per year. For that price I’d be expecting a daily massage and my bin being taken out for me!

But, of course, you have also got easy access to a well-connected train station. That’s always a bonus in London. No doubt that played a considerable role in the asking price…

Fancy having a virtual snoop of your own around the property? See the full listing here.

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