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8 Alternative Drinks To Enjoy During Dry January If You Aren’t A Fan Of Mocktails

Given up the booze but craving something more exciting than water and fizzy drinks? Who needs cocktails and grimace-inducing shots when you’ve got plenty of delicious concoctions that will tantalise your tastebuds and leave you hangover-free the next morning? From irresistibly-instagrammable pink coffees to zesty fruit smoothies, there is practically an ocean of tasty drinks to choose from. With only a few weeks left to go before Dry January ends, we’re entering crunch time. To help you make it, we’ve rounded up the perfect places to go to quench your thirst in true booze-free, non-alcoholic style.

1. Try the fruity concoctions of Dopamine Land’s Bubble Bar

Three bubble teas served at Dopamine Land

If you want to feel the uplifting buzz of having a drink but without any actual alcohol then you might want to head over to Dopamine Land. The joyful experience delivers a dose of happiness with multisensory, interactive rooms and then you exit out into the Bubble Bar where the good times continue. You can choose from an array of refreshing bubble teas, including the blackberry, lime and passion fruit bubble tea, which is the perfect sweet treat to finish off the fun experience.

2. Slurp gloriously indulgent milkshakes at Miki’s Paradise

Credit: Miki’s Paradise

A dessert and drink rolled into one, there’s nothing quite like slurping down a thick, frothy milkshake, topped with a hefty dollop of whipped cream. Miki’s Paradise delivers that and more, with an array of drool-worthy milkshakes served with classic chocolate-coated wafer rolls – choose from milkshakes such as the Naughty Naughty with Ferrero Roche or the Chunky Monkey with KitKat, banana and more. Plus, if you want to step it up yet another notch, there are freak shakes piled with generous slabs of brownie, pretzels and scoops of ice cream. We sense a sugar high for you in the near future.

3. Enjoy tea heaven at Happy Lemon

We’ve already covered the much-loved bubble tea, but there are plenty of other tempting tea options and flavours you can try at Happy Lemon. Found in London China Town, the shop offers a range of fresh teas that will knock English Breakfast off the top of your list in no time. Try the milk tea with cookies and cream, the fabulously fresh lemon milk tea, and in the sun-drenched seasons, a cooling Agar Jelly and Lychee Ice Tea. Plus, if you really fancy trying something new (and like the look of the above picture) then you can try the wonderfully unique salted cheese fruit tea, which comes in mango, strawberry or blueberry.

4. Juice up your feed with the Insta-worthy rose lattes of AIDA Shoreditch

Credit: @annastepkovska

Fancy sipping on a speciality latte and watching the world go by? Well, a visit to AIDA Shoreditch may be in store for you. Home of the infamous rose lattes, which have taken socials by storm with their swirling pink foam and dusting of petals, they won’t only juice up your Instagram but also go down a treat. Alcohol will be the last thing on your mind when your lips touch this sweet, floral concoction. If you and your camera can’t get enough of these fabulously photogenic drinks, why not take a look at some of London’s other pretty cups of coffee – your Instagram will thank you for it.

5.  Portobello Juice Cafe

Credit: Portobello Road Market

Feeling fruity? Portobello Juice Cafe offers plenty of zesty juices and smoothies to help kick-start your day and give your immune system a much-needed boost. With branches in Notting Hill, Camden and Shoreditch you can swing by for a bit of post-workout refuelling or simply enjoy a tasty drink packed with fruits and vegetables. There’s the Flu Fighter, a juice made up of carrot, celery, beetroot, lemon and more, for the days you feel under the weather, or the Mango Tango, a smoothie with – you guessed it – mango, as well as strawberry, banana and orange.

6. Sip smoothies on the vibrant deck of Darcie May Green

Speaking of smoothies, ever gulped one down while bobbing around on gently rippling water? Well, if you’ve ever been to Darcie May Green you might have. The brightly coloured boat sits on Regents Canal and, as well as being a popular brunch spot, is perfect for a bit of smoothie sipping in a unique setting. Any avocado fans should try the avocado smoothie, complete with lemon and agave syrup. Though, if drinking on a boat doesn’t well, float your boat, there are plenty of other branches to take a seat on dry land and sip to your heart’s content; there’s Bondi Green in Paddington or Beany Green at Regents Place among many more.

7. Savour sweet homemade lemonade at Franzè and Evans Cafe Shoreditch

Is there anything more refreshing than a glass of homemade lemonade; sweet, sugary, packed with zest and practically dripping with childhood nostalgia? Now, chuck in a few sprigs of mint and you’re onto a winner. Franzè and Evans Cafe’s homemade mint lemonade has proved a hit with customers over the years and will particularly hit the spot if you’ve been dreaming of mojitos since the start of January.

8. Indulge in a mouthwatering hot chocolate from Dark Sugars

a split screen image showing chocolate truffles and a hand serving over a cup of dark sugars hot chocolate
Credit: @darksugars, via Instagram

Any chocoholics should boogie down to Brick Lane to taste the delectable hot chocolates at Dark Sugars. The molten brew of cocoa powder and hot milk, topped with a hefty pile of dark, milk and white chocolate shavings, will go down a treat in the bitter chill of winter. Plus, if you can’t get enough you could always grab a DIY hot chocolate kit to take home so you can channel your inner mad scientist in the kitchen, and come up with the perfect hot choc concoction to fill your mug. You don’t have to stop there, we’ve rounded up the best hot chocolates in London so you can make a day of it.

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