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5 Iconic Halloween Costume Ideas With Devilishly Delicious Drinks To Match

Few things are more important on Hallows Eve than putting together an iconic lewk. And this year we’ve partnered with Baileys to pull together all the tips, tricks and treats to make it a night you’ll never forget. Plan your costume with these recommendations and you’re sure to be crowned the Qween(s) of Halloween.

Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton

Our next costume needs no introduction…
Get yourself a bodice gown, a high-rise wig and toy Pomeranian, and you will officially be the ultimate Halloqween. And matching her Majesty’s favourite emerald necklace, a Baileys Mint Chocolate Martini cocktail is just the tipple to accentuate your regal ensemble. Calm, cool and sophisticated like Queen Charlotte herself, this simple cocktail combines Baileys, crème de menthe, milk, ice and a mint chocolate garnish to finish.

baileys halloween costume ideas

Elvis and Priscilla

Thanks to Austin Butler in Baz Lurhmann’s Elvis biopic, this hip shaking crooner is set to be a sure-fire Halloween hit this year. And if you’re looking for a standout couples costume idea, look no further. With a bedazzled jumpsuit, some voluminous wigs and a little 60s makeup you and your other half could transform into Elvis and Priscilla Presley. A musical icon so sweet on the ears deserves a sweet treat like a Baileys Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. Shake up Baileys, espresso coffee and caramel syrup over ice – and ta-da – there you have the perfect Halloween choctail to set you up for a night on the town (or a glitzy Vegas show).

baileys halloween costume ideas


Need an excuse to cover yourself head-to-toe in blue body paint and go totally extra with your makeup? Transform into an avatar and you’re guaranteed to be turning heads all night long. This fit is definitely one for the truly committed, but with a Baileys Flat White Martini in hand, it’s sure to be an enjoyable process. This chic new take on a classic cocktail is made with a combination of fresh espresso, vodka, and of course Baileys. Sip this while you apply the finishing touches to your embellished blue bod and prepare to make an entrance.

baileys halloween costume ideas


Every Halloween ‘do needs to have an iconic pop group present. And what could be more fabulous than dressing head to toe in 70’s glam with three of your best mates? The possibilities here are endless. From glittering hot pants and sequined jumpsuits to denim flares and unitards, the world is your stage. And every Dancing Queen needs an equally flamboyant drink to pair with their outfit. Complete the look with a Baileys S’mores cocktail, a potion of Baileys, biscuit, marshmallows, chocolate sauce – and a blast with a blow torch for a final flourish. It’s giving ultimate diva energy…


We’ve all been scared silly by a clown at some point in our lives. And if you’re really hoping to give your friends a fright this Hallows Eve, Pennywise is the lewk for you. Don a skull cap wig, then paint your face white and you’re already halfway there. But be careful not to smudge your bold bright clown lippy on your Baileys Chocolate Orange Martini. This devilish concoction of Baileys, triple sec and milk is shaken over ice and finished with a slice of chocolate orange for ultimate indulgence.

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