Stories of 18 November 2019

USA Today › Sports › 2 weeks ago
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had a career day against Kyler Murray and the Cardinals; don't overlook Jeff Driskell of the Lions.
The New York Times › Politics › 2 weeks ago
The union representing U.S. diplomats said on Monday it has raised tens of thousands of dollars in the last week alone to help defray the legal costs of foreign service officers who have testified in U.S. President Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry.
Evening Standard › Entertainment › 2 weeks ago
The ex-Loose Women star has a special place in Adele's heart
NBC News › Politics › 2 weeks ago
The second week of hearings is scheduled to include testimony from key figures in impeachment inquiry, including E.U. Amb. Gordon Sondland, ex-Ukraine special envoy Kurt Volker and top Ukraine expert Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.
The Sydney Morning Herald › Sports › 2 weeks ago
Switzerland and Denmark are the latest nations to secure their spots at Euro 2020 and Italy have finished their qualifying campaign with a 9-1 win.
The Sun › Opinions › 2 weeks ago
OF all the questions asked about the sordid Jeffrey Epstein affair, until now no one had asked the most important: Is Prince Andrew OK? And no, he has told us, he is not. Finding himself amid a horrifying story of under-aged girls trafficked for sex...
Metro › 2 weeks ago
After a hellish couple of months, Damon returns to the village with a fresh start in mind — but is a fresh romance on the cards for him?
The New York Times › 2 weeks ago
An undercover investigation found that real estate agents treated people of color unequally 40 percent of the time.
The Hill › 2 weeks ago
Fox News' Neil Cavuto on Monday launched into a blistering critique of President Trump over his attacks against "Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace, saying that journalists are "obligated to question" the president and...
CBS News › 2 weeks ago
Under an agreement with China, the giant panda must join their breeding program
The Sun › 2 weeks ago
MORE than 100 Dachshunds trapped in tiny cages have been rescued from illegal puppy farms in police raids who retrieved the dogs before they were sold on Instagram. The 101 dachshunds were removed from breeders in Rochdale, Heywood, Oldham and Little...
The New York Times › Finance › 2 weeks ago
The agency says the rules are effectively obsolete because of technological advancements like streaming.
The Sun › Sports › 2 weeks ago
ROBERTO MORENO reportedly burst into tears as he said goodbye to Spain’s players after being axed for Luis Enrique. The Spaniards hammered Romania 5-0 to continue a blistering run of form having already qualified for Euro 2020. But Moreno, who was...
New York Post › 2 weeks ago
Accused bike path terrorist Sayfullo Saipov told a Manhattan federal court judge Monday he doesn’t respect his authority — while prosecutors said they want to empanel an anonymous jury to oversee the death penalty case. “The orders issued here...
The New York Times › Finance › 2 weeks ago
Manchester United’s attempt to strengthen its underperforming squad has proved costly with debt rising more than 55% in a year to 384.5 million pounds ($498 million).
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
On Monday, Fox News Channel "Your World" host Neil Cavuto defended his colleague Chris Wallace regarding President Donald Trump's tweet about a | Clips
CBS News › 2 weeks ago
Hundreds of protesters are trapped in a tense standoff with riot police in Hong Kong, hours after violence erupted in the streets. Overnight, police in armored vehicles clashed with students hurling gasoline bombs. Ramy Inocencio reports from Hong Kong...
The Sun › 2 weeks ago
A DAD and his daughters are accused of murdering one of their boyfriends before having sex and getting married. Murder suspect Larry McClure, 55, from Minnesota, allegedly slaughtered John McGuire, 38, battered him over the head and injected him with...
RT › 2 weeks ago
Being a fast-food company in 2019 America seems to be more about politics than fried chicken. Chick-fil-A’s decision to cave to liberal demands has angered its Christian customer fan base, while earning it no points with critics. Read Full Article at...
The New York Times › Politics › 2 weeks ago
The attorney general wrapped his maximalist vision of executive power around an embattled president.
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