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13 New Arrivals From Zara That We’re Coveting For November

There are some things in life that just give you an instant serotonin boost. Of course, there’s the usual suspects: basking in sunshine, working out, eating healthy and nourishing foods. And then there’s the less typical mood-boosting sources, like updating your closet for fall or browsing through the new-arrivals section from one of your favorite fashion retailers. While I can’t say that there are any legitimate scientific benefits to the latter, as a shopping editor, I can confirm that it definitely brings me a lot of joy – so naturally, I do it as often as I can (for the sake of my health, of course).

Of all the great fashion labels out there, I’ll admit: I find myself spending the most time on Zara’s website – aimlessly scrolling through the new-arrivals section, saving my favorite pieces, and then inevitably shopping them out later. The internet-loved retailer always manages to stay ahead of trends by debuting new collections and fresh styles on the regular – and this season has proven to be no different.

With the welcoming of a new month comes the introduction of a whole new selection of fashion that’s perfect for fall and even winter wear, too. From wool coats and knee-high boots to daring metallic styles and even an oversize blazer or two, here’s everything we’re coveting for November from Zara’s new-arrivals section.

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