What is the Versailles theme song, when was Outro released and who are M83?

The Sun · 2 months ago

SEX and seduction are back on our TV screens with BBC drama Versailles, but it’s not just the raunchy scenes that have been grabbing the viewers attention.

The opening song has been causing quite a stir among fans, but what is it? We reveal all…

BBC show Versailles has been driving fans wild thanks to its theme tune M83’s Outro

What is the Versailles theme song?

The BBC drama, that lifts the lid on the fascinating and scandalous life of King Louis XIV, is opened by M83’s Outro.

The brooding song offers a contemporary backdrop to the historic romp, and fans have been praising it on Twitter.

One user said: “Versailles has the best theme tune of any tv program at the moment.”

Another said: “Mesmerising drama with opening credits theme tune to raise the hairs on your neck. Awesome job!”

The 10-part Versailles series included scenes of sex, conspiracy and murder and has been confirmed for a third season, with filming starting in April 2017.

Singer Anthony Gonzalez of the electro-shoegaze  band M83 performs onstage

Who are M83?

M83 are a French, electro-shoegaze music band led by Anthony Gonzalez who have released seven albums.

Anthony is joined by Jordan Lawlor, Loïc Maurin, Kaela Sinclair and Joe Berry, and there have been a number of members in the past.

The original band formed back in 2001 in France but are now based in LA and have supported stars such as the Kings of Leon in 2008.

Their Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming album was nominated for a Grammy and you may recognise many of their songs in your favourite TV shows.

The Versailles theme tune was released as a final track on M83’s sixth album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming in 2011

When was Outro released?

Outro was released as a final track on M83’s sixth album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, and is frequently used in a number of adverts, movies, trailers and TV shows today.

The album was released in 2011, but has not lost its appeal as it charted for several weeks in France in 2015.

Fans may remember the song being used in the shows such as Gossip Girl (season five, episode 11), Vampire diaries (season 5, episode 18) and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (2015).

The band is most well-known to reality fans for their Midnight City song, which is the Made in Chelsea theme tune.